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Who Is This For?

Welcome to Accordion Life Academy! 

Here, we're focused on ONE THING: 

Accordion Education.  The instrument is powerful, beautiful and fun.  Having friends who agree and want to learn and contribute to the world of this instrument is what this group is about. 

We focus primarily on the Piano Accordion and the Chromatic Accordion. 

The Accordion Life Team is made up of Accordion Teachers, Patricia Bartell, Yev Nosov, Corrie Nosov and we want to see you THRIVE!

We are here to help you do exactly that with...

✅Trainings for just the accordion

✅Collaborative Q&As 

✅Technique resources

✅Music Theory & Ear Training

✅Sheet Music

We can teach you how to leverage the power of the accordion so that you become the life of the party!

But, we only work with:

✅ People who want to improve their accordion skills

✅ People who want to promote the accordion

✅ People who share and contribute 

✅ People who care about others

✅ People who want to solve problems & deliver value

✅ People who aren’t afraid to put in the practice or participate

If you’re unwilling to participate then this group isn’t for you. 

This group is definitely NOT for:

❌ People who don’t contribute or cheer each other on

❌ Complainers or those who judge negatively

❌ People who only care about degrading other to make themselves look good

❌ People who spam

❌ People who take more than they give

❌ People who won't get outside their comfort zone

💥 If you contribute, problem-solve & work to improve your accordion skills, then this group is totally for you! 💥

This group will:

👉 Promote accordion education and music education

👉 Teach you tricks and tips to playing the accordion better

👉 Help you learn music theory and ear training 

👉 Help you maximize your daily practice

👉 Give you a sense of community & place to call your “accordion

Here you can:

👌 Share your struggles & get help

👌 Celebrate your wins alongside people who want to see you succeed

👌 Feel encouraged & supported

👌 Have fun & make progress

Just a few housekeeping rules to keep everyone on the same page:

🛑No spam

🛑No links for solicitation 

🛑No sales post or promotion posts

🛑No Facebook Lives (except admins)

🛑No spammy videos

🚀Yes to helpful information & support!

Join other accordion students who are from all walks of life - from literally all over the world!

Scroll back up to the top of the page and hit the RED button that says "Request To Join" - it's free to join! 

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